Fifth Day of Christmas

No five golden rings today, though if there had been I might have sold them to pay for the eye and dental exams for daughter #1, home from college, and the annual veterinarian visit for the kitties.  The only rings today is likely to see are the rings of calamari as part of tonight’s dinner.  I am accustomed to having squid quickly fried with some spicy marinara on the side, so it will be interesting to see how the braised calamari turns out.  Even though we have plenty of holiday leftovers (roast chicken and the remains of a vegetable platter in soup for lunch today) I couldn’t pass up the rarely-seen fresh calamari at our local grocery store.

Otherwise, this little Christmas-New Year’s break is turning out much like others, kids going off here and there, trying to get a few things done that we don’t ordinarily have time for when we’re both working, and gradually taking down Christmas before everyone goes back to work or school.

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