A New Decade?

Watching various televised New Year’s events last night, I wish we had counted the number of times someone said 2010 would mark the beginning of a new decade.  It brought back all the hype over 2000 being the start of a new milennium which, of course, it wasn’t.  2000 was the last year of the 20th century, not the first year of the 21st, but it was a new set of numbers, like the odometer in your car.  When it comes to individual decades, though, they are referred to by their leading digits, so it does make sense to say that 2010 marks the beginning of a new one.

So does a new decade call for ten times as many New Year’s resolutions?  In my case, no.  Resolutions, New Year’s or otherwise, and I don’t really get along.  There are things I should work on, most of which are like almost everyone else’s – lose weight, get in shape, generally take better care of myself, be kinder and more patient toward others, etc., etc.  Recognizing that I don’t have a great track record with resolutions doesn’t mean I can’t do these things, but I don’t have to attach the baggage of a New Year’s resolution to them.

For today, though, we’re keeping things low key – a little (a lot, actually) football, a few snacks, and later my attempt at porchetta.

And Happy New Year.


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