A Valentine’s Day Postscript

Sometimes the best thing I can say about Valentine’s Day is, “it isn’t Halloween.”  I shouldn’t (and don’t) need to have a special holiday set aside to let my wife know that I love her.  And, of course, we really don’t need it, and why not look at it as an opportunity, after all?

Well, this year, I found myself trying to come up with some new way to express myself on Valentine’s Day, so the flowers, the chocolate (the correct gift for any occasion, I think), or the nice bottle of wine (or all three, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious) just wouldn’t do.  Time was running out on Sunday afternoon when I happened to be listening to “The Vinyl Cafe” on the radio. After listening to the story “Love Never Ends” I knew what I had to get my wife for Valentine’s Day.

It wasn’t until the following weekend that we were on our way to dinner with a group of friends that I got to play this story for my wife, having downloaded it to my MP3 player in the car.  We listened for a good twenty minutes or so on the way to dinner. I think my Valentine’s Day gift was a hit, even if she doesn’t fancy the raisins.


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