Decisions, decisions…

The envelopes are all in; five acceptances and three wait-lists (replied to with “thanks, but no thanks”).  Now it’s decision time.  In a few days middle daughter and I will visit Muhlenberg College; in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Goucher College just outside Baltimore, Maryland (Goucher is in Towson, the seat of Baltimore County, but just over the line from the city of Baltimore). Lake Forest is probably too far to be in the cards for a visit, but we have follow-up trips planned to Wheaton College and Connecticut College just before our daughter has to make the fateful choice and send in the deposit.

Our middle daughter is, I guess, somewhat typical of middle children in that she has not expressed a strong preference for any of these schools. That may be characterized as indecisive; I tend to see it also as adaptable. She has been very organized about her search process but, even as we near the end of it, I have no more idea today what school she will eventually choose than I did when we started.

Ask me again in a month.


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