Three years ago the Canadian rock band Rush released its eighteenth studio album, Snakes & Arrows. This coincided with my rediscovery of the band I enjoyed so much in college and for a few years thereafter. I somewhat lost track of them in the 1990s but got reacquainted following the R30 tour. When the Snakes & Arrows tour kicked off in the summer of 2007 I said, “I’m going! I may not have another chance, so I’m GOING!”

Except I didn’t. One thing after another conspired to keep me from going to any of the shows within easy reach and I didn’t make it.

Last week  I saw an announcement on Facebook (finally! something useful on Facebook!) that Rush was going on tour again this year. Not only did I say the same thing I did in 2007, but this time I actually bought tickets to the show at Mohegan Sun Arena this coming July. This time I really AM going, but I won’t be going alone.

Musically speaking, Rush is not everyone’s cup of tea, at least that’s how it is in my household. Except for daughter #2, who will be coming with me, I usually can only listen to Rush albums alone in the car or on headphones, unless we’re driving somewhere and the radio station we’re listening to happens to play one of their songs. The Time Machine show promises to be a real treat, since it won’t involve headphones or sitting in the car (except to get there). It includes a first-ever complete live performance of the album “Moving Pictures.” Since Rush is known for putting on a good show, I expect we will hear enough other familiar songs (and maybe some new material… right, guys?)

I expect the crowd to be a pretty eclectic mix, from teens and twenty-somethings to forty- (like me) and fifty-somethings (like the guys on stage).  To me that says something about the appeal of Rush’s music but, in any case, I’m just excited to be  going – finally. After all, who knows if I’ll ever have another chance?


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