Last Looks

Monday was a return engagement for daughter #2 and me at Connecticut College as she narrows her list of possible schools to one. Tomorrow night and Friday it’s back to Wheaton for one last look before she has to send in a commitment and a deposit.

Visiting Muhlenberg and Goucher last week, Conn and Wheaton this week I have come away feeling that daughter #2 would be fine at any of them. Muhlenberg provided no aid package at all, so that pretty much sealed their fate. The remaining three are all in the same ballpark financially, and I could easily see our daughter attending and fitting in at any of them. The question, though, isn’t what I (and my wife) think, but what our daughter thinks.

One more visit, and then it’s decision time.

2 thoughts on “Last Looks

  1. Thanks! It has been a bit of a workout, but I’m glad to have experienced it with her, like I did her older sister a couple of years ago. And in a couple of years we’ll go through it again with our youngest.

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