Seventeen Years Later….

It has been a cliché for as long as there have been parents and children and I know I have relied on it too much already. Yet, there are times when the cliché serves the purpose.

I have been using a photo of our middle daughter at the age of seven or eight months as a bookmark in a favorite devotional for years. It always makes me smile, and has often been as much as means of bringing me back to center as anything in that book.

My wife likes to joke that Chelsea had no hair until she was two because I kept rubbing it off, such a perfect little head she had. I referred to her as my “little fuzzyhead” (she probably won’t forgive me for that) and, as she grew older and I developed a fondness for Pink Floyd, as my “crazy diamond.”

There are plenty of moments over the last seventeen years I would like to have back and do over, times when I was impatient, intemperate, and failed to appreciate the fleeting nature of those moments. I can’t, of course, have those moments back but I can reflect on all of them, as I did a month ago when she graduated from high school. Seeing the young woman she has become, and to see her smile and be happy was enough.

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