Something to Show for It

After a break of eleven or twelve years we decided to take another stab at gardening this year, but on a much smaller scale. Two months later we’ve had a few marble-sized radishes (patience is not something I possess in abundance) and have been watching the tomatoes slowly ripen on the two plants we bought a little over two months ago. Today I picked a handful of the most ripe ones to let them finish in the house, relieve some of the weight on the vines, and make room for the many green tomatoes still to turn red.

The lettuces are healthy, but overcrowded and still in need of more thinning (micro-greens salad, anyone?), and the white radishes didn’t turn out well (again, because I didn’t thin them enough to begin with). The cucumbers are doing better than I thought in such small containers. We have about dozen cornichon-size fruit and many more blossoms (bee sold separately).

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