The Other Route 1: Part 2

Not so long ago I set out to ride and write about travels along the length of Maine’s Route 11, its “other Route 1.” The weather hasn’t been terribly cooperative, nor has my schedule, but I hope to correct that in the days to come .

Despite dreary, drippy weather through most of May and being overloaded with other things I managed to ride a couple more sections of Route 11; from Poland to Limington, and Auburn to Poland.

One problem – well, not really a problem, but if you’re trying to get a sense of how the landscape changes, it is – is that I have not been riding Route 11 in a more continuous or consistent manner. My first ride, from Limington to Sanford, was toward the south and the New Hampshire line, but left out the section from Sanford to Lebanon. Though I got that section in on a mostly rainy ride to and from Conway a week or so later, riding a route this way breaks it up and doesn’t provide a sense of continuity. It takes away the sense of the changes as you travel from one part of the state to another. My last rides took in two sections that I had ridden before, and had ridden both north to south and vice versa.

Another issue is that most of Route 11 from Poland to Augusta is pretty familiar, having ridden or driven sections of it for the last forty-plus years. The challenge here will be to look at it like I haven’t seen it before. And I still have to figure out how to take photos to help tell the story without stopping every two and a half minutes.


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