Take a Hike!

Among the things my wife and I used to enjoy way back when, in the years BC (as in Before Children), was an occasional hike. We were never serious hikers, but enjoyed being outdoors, the challenge of the climb (as modest as they were), and the reward of the views. Returning home tired and sore in a good way and relaxing over a dinner that had been cooking slowly all day long made these hikes something to remember.

The upside of my recent medical excursion is that I have no health-related reasons not to take a hike, and plenty of reasons to get more exercise. And with a free day pass to a Maine state park of my choosing from a recent Red Cross blood donation, I’ve set my sights on this coming Friday.


4 thoughts on “Take a Hike!

  1. The fun part I’m pretty sure of but, with the weather of late, I can’t say the same for staying dry. Still, unless it’s a really rainy day I plan to go no matter what.

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