Bzzt. Pop! (Smoke.)

Among the things your computer isn’t supposed to do:

Unfortunately, mine did. Well, at least the one I use for work did. That means part of today was spent trying to get the old laptop updated enough to be usable, failing, and being set up with a temporary computer while “Smokey” goes in for service.

Technology. Wonderful when it works.


4 thoughts on “Bzzt. Pop! (Smoke.)

  1. Yep. The lights went out and no matter what incantations I used, they wouldn’t come back on. The good news is that HP thinks it’s just (just?) a fried capacitor. IT took the hard drive out and is shipping the carcass back for repair.

  2. So, what did this turn out to be? And was it fixable? My son ran into the living room a bit ago hollering how he tried turning on his computer and it went “Bzzzzzzzt POP!” I didn’t see smoke but I smelled something. Being the computer genius I am, I poked the power button a couple more times, unplugged everything ELSE from the computer “just in case” and declared time of death. Now I’m just wondering how bad it’s going to hurt the wallet to try and fix this thing, or if it’s even worth attempting.

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