Bradbury Mountain

As promised, today was the hike. For the first time in several years I put on my hiking boots and took to the trail. Okay, granted, it was only Bradbury Mountain State Park, the summit of the mountain for which the park is named is only 485 feet, and the Northern Loop and Tote Road trails are little more than a walk in the woods. Still, it was nice to actually take that walk in the woods, instead of just talk about it.

Given the weather lately I wasn’t absolutely certain we’d really want to go out today, but the morning was sunny and warm, and the showers were supposed to hold off until afternoon anyway. I got a little turned around in North Yarmouth and Pownal, but eventually found my way back to Route 9 and the park. No one was in the gatehouse, but we went and parked anyway.

We (our middle daughter went with me) met a few other hikers along the way, including people with small children, and group of mountain bikers, though it wasn’t anything like crowded, or even busy. The Northern Loop trail is one of the easiest routes to the summit and was a very pleasant walk, not even half an hour. Once there, we looked around, took some pictures, sat on the bare rock in the sunshine, and just enjoyed being there for a bit. We took the Tote Road trail back to the parking lot, looked at each other, and said, “That was fun. What’s next?”

Because it’s so close, we’ll probably go back to Bradbury Mountain to explore some of its other trails, but I’m already setting my sights on longer trails and a little – just a little for now – more challenge.


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