July 1, 2011

49.5 miles per gallon, and that doesn’t even  begin to tell the story.

My friend Don and I celebrated our shared five years on two wheels with a ride to Colebrook, New Hampshire on the first of July. He has done much more long distance touring than I have, but I have certainly done my share of backroad exploration in southern and central Maine, central and northern New Hampshire, and even a little bit of Vermont.

We rode up to Colebrook last year for the annual New Hampshire Blessing of the Bikes. As much as we liked the setting, we didn’t feel we really fit in with most of the crowd and decided to take our own ride up this year after the crowds had returned from whence they came.

The big treat, other than the great conversation when we stopped along the way and lunch in Colebrook, and our visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace, was the panorama that opened up coming back into Milan (pronounced My-lan, not like the city in Italy, for those of you from away), New Hampshire on Route 16 from the north, not to mention the Thirteen Mile Woods along Route 16 from Errol to Milan, or Route 113 from Gilead to Fryeburg, Maine through part of the White Mountain National Forest (yes, the White Mountains are in Maine, too).

Three hundred miles could scarcely have been more enjoyable.


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