Since buying my 2001 Kawasaki Concours in 2006 I have put 13,000 or so miles on it. I reset the second of its two trip odometers when I bought it and have not reset it since. So how does 12,980.7 equal 13,000? Funny you should ask.

It seems the speedometer cable (in the days before electronic sensors) likes to vibrate loose. This is not helped by some of the rough roads I have traveled on, including the one we live on, but it has come undone from the back of the speedometer at the most inconvenient times. Like last year riding hone from Brewer in the pouring rain, or this year riding to Brewer in what looked like it might turn into pouring rain. Counting the times it has come undone and the time it broke completely, I figure I have ridden more than a hundred miles not knowing how fast I was going or exactly how far I’d been. So 13,000 seems like a safe enough guess.

Why do I care how many miles I have ridden? Why do I think anyone else would care? I don’t know. And while I could say that I don’t care whether anyone else does, I must, or I wouldn’t be writing about it here. But I think it’s because I want to see, and know, and experience as much as is reasonably (and maybe a little unreasonably) within my ability and not reach a point of saying “I wish I had.”


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