Means of Communication

Cell phones, text messaging, email, and Skype have made communicating with kids away at college now very different than when I was in school. And though it doesn’t seem so long ago, I suppose it was, certainly in terms of technology. Talking to mom and dad then was a matter of using the phone at the end of the hall in my dorm, or getting and sending letters (actual letters, handwritten even, just imagine!).

Over the last two years I’ve gotten used to text messages, random phone calls in the middle of the day from one daughter or another between classes or walking to work, sometimes an email, and occasionally using Skype for a video chat. This year, so far at least, things are a little different. Oh, the technology really hasn’t changed that much, but having one of our two college students in Africa has made communication much more a “hit or miss” proposition. Between the seven hour time difference, the logistics (and quality) of Internet access, international cell phone calls, and her busy schedule, we have had to rely more on blog posts, email, and Facebook updates and messages.

Of course we still get calls, texts, and emails from our other daughter at Goucher College, too, thank goodness. But it still feels like I spend a lot of time checking, much like I used to check the mailbox at school. Do kids even do that anymore?

Maybe I should relax, take a deep breath, and write a letter.


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