Communications Blackout

For the last sixteen weeks we have had intermittent contact with our eldest daughter on her study-abroad semester in Uganda. We have been content with the occasional email, Facebook status update, wall post, or message, a text here and there, and a few computer to mobile Skype sessions.

Loss of SignalAfter completing her formal study-abroad program our eldest went with a few of her friends from SIT:Uganda and spent a few days on the beach in Mombasa. Sitting on the beach, reading, and sipping piña coladas sounds fine enough, I guess. But now we have to endure the communications blackout of her being in transit.

Instead of taking the bus from Mombasa to Nairobi (saving her eight hours of travel, and us eight more hours of anxiety) we booked a flight on Kenya Airways through KLM. She was already booked on KLM from Nairobi to Amsterdam anyway so it seemed like a good fit. What we hadn’t counted on was the inability to communicate. Final reminders about flight numbers, confirmation numbers, etc. It might have been easier had she not been without a computer, too, courtesy of some asshat in an Internet café in Kampala swiping her little sister’s netbook and dropping it in a puddle.

So for now we’re taking things on faith, reading the re-entry guide from SIT (PDF). And refreshing the screen on the KLM and Flightstats web sites. Tomorrow we hope for the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things unseen.


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