Pardon Me While I Change….

If you are a regular reader (if I have any regular readers), you will probably see the theme, colors, header, etc. changing a few times over the next few days while I play with a few and decide what I like. If you see a particular theme you think works, or one that doesn’t, and maybe a header you like (or not), please feel free to let me know. Try to note the theme’s name (identified at the bottom of the page) and the header image.

Thanks for your patience and input.


8 thoughts on “Pardon Me While I Change….

  1. I like the header a lot. The blue of the water really pops out against the dark background. I am not as enamored of the black-and-gray combo, is it possible to make the outer border be black as well? Or make the inner one gray? Something to make the background all one color.

      • I can for the background but not the area in the middle, the area that appeared black, at least until I set the background to black. If I could figure out what the hex code was for that color I could match it.

  2. I like this charcoal/black combination and I love your header picture. (Is your house in there somewhere?) I do have a bit of a challenge with your tiny font size…old eyes don’t you know.

    • I’ll bet you could adjust the font size in your browser. I sometimes have the same problem and will Ctrl-+ the window in Google Chrome until it’s more comfortable.

      Our house is not anywhere in the picture, actually. That’s a shot of the Munjoy Hill section of Portland from across Back Cove, about a mile and a half away, when middle daughter and I went for a walk to try out her new camera.

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