And Then There Were None

When we moved here fifteen years ago there were two big old maple trees in front of the house, and a stump where there had been a third not too long ago. The stump, occasionally used as a reviewing stand by our girls when they were little and waved goodbye to their grandparents, is now nearly gone.

A couple of years ago half of one of the remaining trees fell, taking our phone lines down with it. Shortly after that a tree crew came and removed the rest of it. It took weeks to get MCI and Fairpoint to restore our telephone service, but that’s another story.

Last fall the remnants of Hurricane Irene took down about half of the lone surviving maple in front of our house. Today a tree crew is here taking the rest of it down. These trees were planted probably about a hundred years ago and did an admirable job shading the house from summer afternoon sun. Now the front lawn will be bare but for the decaying stumps.

It snowed yesterday, which means the tree crew is tracking all over the front lawn, scattering twigs and wood chips. Goodness knows what the lawn will look like in the spring. Today, all that’s missing is “miles of yellow tape, silhouetted chalk lines” (playing over and over in my head) for it to look like a crime scene.

Maybe we’ll plant a couple of new trees in the spring.


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