On a Mission

List of things to do today:

  • Drive youngest daughter to school. Done.
  • Doctor’s appointment for routine visit. Done.
  • Take eldest daughter to stock up on health and beauty aids before going back to school. Done.
  • Find Kim’s on St. John Street in Portland to get banh mi for lunch.

Banh mi


There really is a lot to find in Portland. I remember they used to promote it as “a lot of fun for a little city.” Thanks to the Internet finding little treasures like Kim’s Gifts is a lot easier and I’ve been meaning to get there after reading about banh mi in Bon Appetit and The New York Times. Prices have gone up a little in the four years since the Portland Psst! post was written, but the sandwiches are still tasty and cheap ($2.95 for the special – three kinds of pork). I think I’ll pass on the coconut juice next time, but you can bet there will be a next time.

And the day’s only half over.


One thought on “On a Mission

  1. You definitely have to check out the Korean taco place on Congress Street. It’s called Gogi. We ate there this past summer and loved it.

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