4 Down, 158 to Go

It’s bottom of the sixth and the Red Sox are down 3-1 against the Toronto Bluejays. The Sox are 1-3 on the season and already people are talking about what’s wrong with them.

You’d think I was a big baseball fan or something, but I’m not. Not a big fan, anyway. My wife? Well, that’s another story. She’s the serious sports fan in the family, especially when it comes to baseball. I like baseball, but not as much as she does. She savors it, loves the fine points, and is much more in tune with its history. My enjoyment of it is much more conditional, and situational.

For me, baseball is best enjoyed in person on a warm summer night or bright fall afternoon. Or, better yet, on an AM radio, listening to the voice of the announcers, waiting for things to happen, the white noise of the crowd and radio static punctuated by the occasional drama. As much as I am not a big baseball fan, some of my fondest memories actually involve baseball – and AM radio. Listening to a game at night, particularly when the Sox are on a West Coast road trip, sitting on the porch on a Sunday afternoon while pretending to tend the grill, or when I was a kid, sitting in the barn with my grandfather and my dad on a hot summer afternoon. My grandparents lived that much closer to Boston than we did (only about 50 miles), and we could actually listen to the game on AM radio from Fenway and WHDH in Boston.

So on my way home from my evening meetings during baseball season I’ll already have the AM band preset for the local Red Sox Radio Network station and get my 15 minute fix of baseball on the radio. They were made for each other.


One thought on “4 Down, 158 to Go

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