Depth of Field

We had an unusually mild winter (though unusually mild winters in the Northeast seem to be more and more usual) and very warm weather early in the spring. Though the periods of very warm weather haven’t persisted they have been enough to get the flowers and other plants thinking summer thoughts, just like the rest of us. Over the weekend we have put together and used a new (smaller) charcoal grill, brought the Adirondack chairs out of storage and put them on the porch, gotten cushions for them, and put two little side tables out to more or less complete our outdoor living room.

Sitting on the porch this morning I noticed how trees and bushes are greening up, obscuring the view we have all through late fall and winter. Without leaves and greenery we can see farther. New foliage closes things in, and in another month, the distance we can see will have been reduced considerably. And even though we’ll still be outdoors, and will still hear the traffic before we see it, it will feel more enclosed, and hopefully we’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy it before fall comes and our view opens up again.


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