Around the World in 223 Days

So neitherĀ Phileas Fogg’s fictional feat, nor Michael Palin’s actual one, are in any danger of being eclipsed. But when Lindsay‘s flight lands in Boston later today she will have completed one whole trip around the world. We’ll count the high school trip to France, Spain, and Morocco, and her semester abroad in Uganda, as test flights, like the Mercury or Gemini projects were before the Apollo missions.

Except for eastern Canada and a week in Bermuda I have never been outside the United States. The moons of opportunity, capability, and inclination just haven’t come into alignment, but that hasn’t stopped us from experiencing some fascinating places vicariously. And at a safe distance from spiders.


Where Did Everybody Go?

Has it really been that long? Hmmm, guess it has.

Abandoned Theater

Well, I suppose if there’s nothing happening on stage, there’s no reason for the audience to wait around… Guess I’ll have to work on that.