A blogger.  Me?  Naaaaaahhhh.  Well, okay.

After playing around on MSN (then Windows Live – eugh) Spaces for a while, I got to feeling a little confined, just a little too pre-packaged.  So here I am.

My posts tend to be a mish-mash of things, whatever strikes me at the moment.  I’ll elaborate further about the kinds of things I might post about, and what my approach to this (if I can presume to say that I have “an approach” to this) will be.

 Meanwhile, check back from time to time, share a thought if you like and (hopefully) enjoy what you find here.

 And thanks.


1 thought on “About

  1. Tony,

    I was looking for some guidance regarding Thomas Merton and stumbled across your blog. I see that you have read a great deal of his writings. I was wondering if you would have any recommendations for someone who is wanting some practical (at least to some degree) direction for moving toward a more contented spirit. It seems that much of his work contains threads along these lines, but I was hoping perhaps there was one or two were perhaps he focused more deliberately on this. Anyway, I’d welcome and thoughts you have.

    Thanks in advance.


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