Off the Cliff

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Just Let It Go

During his homily this morning our priest used a story about monkeys to illustrate a point. It seems one of the ways to trap monkeys is to put a piece of hard fruit in a sealed box with a hole just large enough to fit the fruit through – and just large enough for a monkey’s hand, but not both. The greediest monkeys will put their hands through the hole to grab the fruit and then not let it go, and end up trapped as a result. While I had a hard time making the connection to this week’s readings, Father’s remarks got me thinking, “What is it I am so unwilling to let go of that it has become a trap?”

What are you so unwilling to let go of that it has become a trap?

A high school classmate and friend, and now Facebook friend, Scott (I knew him as Don in high school) had been an associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Portland for a time. Now he’s taken the leap and started a new church. Sounds like he’s found a way to let go of things that might well have been, or become, a trap. Matters of faith, religion, or church are not the only ground for recognizing the things that we have become so attached to that they limit us or hold us back, but both Father’s comments today and Scott’s leap have given me something to think about.