Haven’t written much lately. It would be trendy of me to blame it on Facebook, but I haven’t been doing all that much over there, either. It isn’t like things haven’t been going on, but it’s just the usual day-to-day stuff of living, mainly. So, I guess I have some catching up to do.

Our two eldest are in town this weekend for a wedding. The daughter of long-time friends is getting married and all three of our girls are in the wedding. Our friends – more family, really – have known me since I was in college and our girls since they were babies. Likewise, I babysat for them when their eldest son was about eighteen months and Marie was only a week old. Time doesn’t really fly, of course, so I’ll dispense with that observation but, still, there are moments that make you stop and think about how much time really has gone by.

Another one of those “geez, I must really be getting old” moments was when our youngest, only recently turned sixteen (!), got her driver’s license (!!). After all these years of carting kids around, they’re practically at an end. She’ll be home for another two and a half years before she goes off to college, too, but there will be markedly less driving her to school, to practice, to games, etc.

On a less momentous note I have struggled to clean off my desk so I can return to the kind of reading and writing I used to do in our “library.” For months and months my desk has been a dumping ground for junk (and not junk) mail. Filling only one really large shopping bag with recyclables I have reclaimed a mostly usable work surface. It’s been nice to have this little sanctuary where I can read, write, listen to the radio, work, etc., away from the TV again. Not that I have anything against TV, but if I’m in the same room I find it demands too much of my attention. Music I can have in the background; TV, not so much.

In a couple of days, after the wedding, our two eldest will head back to their respective schools in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, and our life will return to its normal – but apparently ever changing – routine. Maybe what I need is more ketchup.